I am an expert community builder, connection maker, and have mastered the art of creating a container rooted in safety. I am a trauma-nervous system-physiology junkie and a lifelong student and teacher in healing and transformation. 

 I am fuelled by gathering women who are seeking a deeper more intentional knowing in themselves, and guidance on how to take the first steps on their new, exciting and, most times, intimidating journey.

I teach and implement the 8 tenets of my WholeSelf Philosophy throughout my retreats, workshops and classes.

Trauma Healing ~ Connection ~ Permission ~ Movement ~ Meditate ~ Create ~ Plant Medicine ~ Nourish

I am grounded in a momentous call to assist, extend and revolutionize how you see yourself and how you see others. I believe this begins with taking the time that you need to go SLOW and feel into your body sensations.

My approach hones in on assisting women to sharpen their intuitive and internal guides by way of listening to what messages their bodies are communicating to them. I teach simple well-being practices that evoke real change in their daily lives.

My program(s) include authentic, safe, intimate support, slow, intentional physical movement and strategies to help trigger clarity, nervous system regulation and a greater sense of calm.

I feel fulfilled and joyous when I can assist women in expanding their awareness and empowering them to trust their Whole Selves.

I encourage you to review my offerings and perhaps we’ll meet again.

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What is a living welcome?


This page will reflect our discoveries and studies as we grow together and as I organically evolve my approach. A living welcome reflects the current and relevant themes that will become the focus of my retreats, workshops and classes. I encourage you to check in periodically to see how the WholeSelf Philosophy continues to deepen in its application and its tenets.

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Immerse yourself into a day of Connection, Engagement with your Truth, and Raw Authentic Growth.

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Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment + Nervous System Regulation