My intentions are for you to experience: 

  • An Introduction to a NEW sense of purpose and existence
  • Real-world well-being strategies to support your healing
  • A deep connected sense of togetherness & belonging
  • A safe space to be and feel…human
  • Deepening your knowing and loving of your WHOLE self.



The 8 tenets of a LOVE YOUR WHOLE SELF DAY Retreat


 : Trauma Healing : Connection : Permission : Movement : Meditate : Create : plant medicine : Nourish :



 TRAUMA HEALING: Unprocessed trauma and stress is stored in the body and causes dysregulation in our nervous system. Have you ever experienced anxiety and/or depression? What about Self sabotaging behaviours? Stubborn chronic Health issues? Chronic fatigue? Prepare to be fascinated during the educational segment where you will learn what happens physiologically, in our bodies, when we experience traumatic events and stressful situations. All ‘Love Your Whole Self’ Retreats in their WHOLEness are designed to offer valuable tools to support your healing journey by bringing regulation back to your nervous system.

 CONNECTION: Humans NEED connection for survival. Our cultural and societal structures and the shame most of us experience make it that we are spending more and more time alone in solitude when what we actually NEED is TOGETHERNESS. Sitting in circle with women allows each of us to be seen and heard. The medicine comes from being able to safely share vulnerably, while being met with understanding, empathy and almost always…me too.

 PERMISSION: Imagine what it might feel like to be given FULL permission to take care of your needs? When was the last time you had the permission to follow your own impulses and do whatever YOU wanted to do? When was the last time you tuned in to yourself to even ASK what it is you need? During our time together, you will be given this blessed gift. This means you get to call the shots. ALL day. You decide. 

 MOVEMENT: The sensual beauty, Jen Kavanaugh, will be guiding you through a magical Goddess Flow™ practice. No Experience in any form of movement is required to participate and fully benefit from this experience. Goddess Flow is a fusion of yoga, circularized sensual movement and dance created for women. There are seven flows you will move through in class. Each inspired by Seven of the Governing Goddesses of Yoga. Expect to stretch, empower, release, dance and restore your Divine Feminine Body as well as connect to your Soul’s wisdom through meditation, chakra awareness and yin. You have the permission to release emotions, take up space in the room and honour what your body truly needs on any given day. You will be celebrated for your wise, courageous and sensual feminine body. These Flows can awaken your SoulBody’s Wisdom, which over time will lead you to uncover YOUR Goddess Essence, both in class and in your life.

 MEDITATE: The wonderfully wise, Ashley Tyms, will be guiding you gracefully into the inner realms of yourself through meditation. Grounding, aligning and harmonizing your energy individually and together as a group. You will connect to your intuitive nature; create openings of awareness, curiosity and ease. Ashley is passionate about connecting people to their innate abilities, of trusting and knowing themselves. She’s been guiding & healing in her Reiki practice for 10 years and looks forward to the opportunity to share and grow with you in this Retreat. No previous meditation experience required.

CREATE: The incredibly talented Artist, Francine Dossor, will be guiding you through a magnificent creative journey. Francine has been using the power of tapping into a creative FLOW (which is accessible to us all) her entire life and especially through her own healing journey. She will help guide you to tap into your own personal creative flow, and guide you through a creative RELEASE through painting. No previous artistic talents required.

 MEDITATE: The magnificently brilliant Miranda Sophia, will be guiding you through a Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is accessible to anyone. It is a guided meditation that is done laying on your back, supported and cozied up with pillows and blankets. Yoga Nidra means “sleep yoga”, however this is a practice of awakening. You will be guided through the 4 layers of your body (the koshas) – physical, subtle, mental/emotional, intuitive – and into a state of deep rest. In this state of deep rest, with practice, your body will fall asleep while your mind remains alert. When the body is asleep, it allows us access to the subconscious mind, which is where all of our unconscious (meaning what we don’t know) stories, programs and beliefs are held. These are the programs that have been collected and stored from the moment of the spark of inception, those that drive how we view and experience the world and then therefore create our world. No previous meditation experience required.

 PLANT MEDICINE: Using powerful plant medicine, we will make a masterful blend created with intention to help support our healing journey, followed by an educational component on how Essential Oils affect the limbic system of your brain.

NOURISH:  You will be provided with healthy snacks, spring water, Organic coffee, a variety of herbal teas and a hearty & healthy lunch & dinner. There will be Vegan, Vegetarian and low carb food options.

Bloom ~ an intimate half day retreat



Where: Tanya’s Homestead

Who: YOU + 15 magnificent women

Cost: $59 per person (includes snacks and all materials)

Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm


Fall into your whole self ~ full Day Retreat



Where: Tanya’s Homestead

Who: YOU + 11 magnificent women

Cost: $249 per person (includes lunch, dinner, snacks and all materials)

Time: 8:30am to 7:00pm + Option to stay for bonfire & hot tub